The Monologues

“The New York Monologues” make great audition pieces! You are welcome to use them provided you credit the play and its writer. Below are two of the monologues in .pdf format. There are also descriptions of the other monologues, please email us if you would like to read them or the entire script. Please be aware all material is copyrighted.

Tour Guide
A frustrated tour guide must explain ground zero to tourists. Written for a mid 20s male it can be performed by anyone.

The Kid
A child plays “9-11”. May be performed by either gender.

Additional monologues:

Young Franklin – A 17 year old male must tell his therapist about living through 9-11.

News Reporter – Perhaps a little too focused on her career. Either gender, any age.

Hooker – A 20s – 30s female has trouble with a client.

Robbie – A 30s – 50s male is more concerned with his report that evacuating the twin towers.

Mortician – A 30s – 50s male profited in an uncomfotable way.

Cop – 20s – 40s, either gender. Commercialization hits at inappropriate times.

Minister – A 30s – 60s male has an apocalyptic  interpretation of 9-11. 

Paul(a) – Either gender. Airport security is never fun.

Deli Owner – 20s – 50s Indian male. Racism and ignorance go hand in hand.

Coach – 30s – 50s, written as a male but potentially could be female. Not all motivation is good.

Homeless – A 20s – 50s male yells at a subway car about disingenuous charity.

Old Franklin – Franklin, now 64, recalls 9-11 50 years later.

Max Woertendyke as the Tour Guide


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